20 October 2010

Let there be light...

My glove box was missing the rechargeable flashlight when I bought the Bimmer, not being one to stand having things incomplete, I replaced it immediately. Not sure if I'll ever use it, but it's nice to have just in case. Cost was less than $10 form Ebay.

17 October 2010

No Smoking Please...

As I was driving around today I decided I didn't like where my Scanguage II was placed. In it's former location, it was actually blocking the Bimmer's computer display, making it useless to me. Wanting this functionality back, I proceeded to moved the Scanguage II to an alternate location - the ashtray. Being that I'm a non smoker (going on 3 years now), this was the perfect location, and just the right size. the display is almost the same illuminated red that the BMW comes equipped with, giving it a nice OEM feel.

10 October 2010

Flappy Fabric

Something that's been bugging me since I bought the car has been the fabric peeling off the driver's side C-Pillar. It's always flapping around when the windows are down and is just plain unsightly. Today I had some spare time so bought some fabric adhesive and got to work. Needs a little touch up here and there, but it came out quite nicely.

05 October 2010

New Rains

Well, this week brought the first rains my car has seen since it became mine, and I unfortunately found out that my windshield wipers were no good! I ordered Bosch Icon Wipers, amazing little things, makes the glass crystal clear. The downside is I can't re-use my wind spoiler for the wiper arm. The good folks at Turner Motorsport also shipped me an ///M carbon fibre guage cluster. It was a pain to install but the look is worth it!