29 March 2011

Less than $10 got me...

Did a few "upgrades" and convenience modifications recently.

First up, I replaced the velcro lock-in tabs for the floor mats to keep them in place. The driver's side mat especially, was always creeping up over the pedals, not anymore.

Next up, I made my own clutch stop to replace the factory stop. My version is longer and stops the clutch at exactly the right height to start the car and be able to shift. This 30 second installation mod has made the Bimmer so much more fun to drive. Best bang for buck upgrade yet. Stock stop is on the left, mine is on the right.

Lastly, I purchased a BMW OEM Oil Travel Case. It came with gloves, 2 funnels, hand wipes, and engine bay wipe clothes, it also holds 1 qt of oil. It securely mounts, with velcro, to the inside of the luggage compartment and looks very nice.