30 January 2011

Turner Motorsport at the 24hours of Daytona: Rolex Grand-Am Racing

Today starts the Rolex 24 hours at Daytona Beach, Fl. Turner Motorsports is running an M3 in the GT class to be driven by Bill Auberlen, Boris Said, Matt Plumb and Paul Dalla Lana. The green flag will drop at 12:30p local time, 3:30p EST. Thursday night the TMS team finished P1 in practice. I'll be following the race and pulling for the Turner Motorsport #94.


Update: Well it's all over, and for the crew of the TMS #94, there was joy, dispair, strength, and determiation.

After having led the GT class for about 6 hours, the TMS M3's gearbox blew up, there was a hole straight through were 5th gear should have been. After spending 3 hours in the garages, replacing almost the whole transaxle, swapping out the brakes and power steering, and after rumours began to circulate they were out of the race, the #94 roared back onto the track with a vengance, with Boris Said taking the BMW from P27 to P17 in GT class where it finished the race and took home some points.

The Turner Motorsport team never gave up hope and gave us fans some exciting drama. Good luck to TMS for the rest of the Grand-Am road Racing Season.

Update: ~ 24:00:59:000 - It's all over, the #94 ends in 17th with 564 laps completed. The overall winner is TMS driver Joey Hand.

Update: ~ 20:12:50:000 - With Boris Said taking the M3 through it's 454th lap, the car now sits in P17, where it is roughly 38 laps behind P16.

Update: ~ 10:45:11:185 - The #94 M3 is back in the race being driven by Boris Said! The car has a mountain to climb.

Update: ~ 09:08:11:325 - With over 2 hours of lost time, being 75 laps down, and parts for repairs being hard to find, rumours are circulating that TMS is out of the race. No official comment confirms this yet.

Update: ~ 07:06:21:121 - While being driven by Matt Plumb, the gearbox blew up! The #94 dropped to 16th and went to the garages for repairs.

Update: ~ 01:12:36:085 - The #94 is in P1 with B

17 January 2011

CD Woes and Touch-Ups

Chose to spend the day with the Bimmer. Here's what went down:
* Full wash, wax, windex, rain-x, vaccuum, leather conditioning, dusting, and air freshening.
* I scraped off all the previous owner's registration year stickers, sanded it down, and applied my 2011 sticker.
* Fixed my license plate holder and frame so that is does not rattle when closing the luggage compartment.
* Finally got round to putting the chrome caps on the TMS license plate frame.
* Replaced 2 blown brake lights.
* Cleaned my TMS pedals.
* Topped off the oil with a quart of BMW 5W-30.
* Removed the previous owner's ///M steering wheel emblem and put back in the original BMW emblem.
* Topped off the air in the tyres.
* I attempted, and failed miserably, to fix my CD player. It's had a CD stuck in there for the last week and a half. I got the CD out, unfortunatley I also have some pretty important looking left-over parts.... needless to say, the CD mode is non-operational. Just going to have to rough it with AUX for a while.