25 April 2011

Roadside Assistance

First of all, I am not subscribed to BMW Roadside Assistance, therefore the sticker on the toolbox is more or less useless to me. The colour was faded as well. After removing the sticker the blank spot where it was knid of got on my nerves, I knew something was supposed to be there, so I found the German BMW Roadside assistance sticker online and placed that in the blank spot. If it's going to remain useless it might as well look better!

23 April 2011

No Smoking - Follow up

Since I almost always have the Scangauge II's compartment open and visible, I find myself noticing the Cigarette icon on the cigarette lighter more and more often. I thought it was tacky and "in my way" so I removed the icon through a combination of "Goop Off" and scratching. Looks better without that icon, in my opinion, and I'm pleased with the results.

21 April 2011


Filled up the tank this morning after running the Bimmer down to almost fumes. I wanted to see how many miles I could get on one tank of fuel. I managed 432.3 with a 50/50 mix of Highway and City. That basically equates to 26 MPG. Not bad Considering the car is rated at "City MPG: 19 / Highway MPG: 27 / Combined MPG: 22" That's and extra 4 MPG.

I squeezed them out by following some simple, proven "tricks"

* Use A/C very sparingly.
* Keep the windows up at 40+ MPH.
* Use cruise control on the highway, ~70 MPH.
* Coast downhill or whenever possible instead of braking.
* Don't drive less than 10 miles per trip in the car.
* Pray for no red lights.

17 April 2011

Inspection I..... Done By Me!

Hit 90k miles this weekend and in anticipation I purchased the necessary items to perform my scheduled maintenance known as Inspection I. A pre-inspection told me that the coolant and washer fluid were low, but my brake fluid was fine. I purchased a Microfilter, and 6 Spark Plugs(not due until 100k, but why not) in addition to coolant and washer fluid. Also purchased a new Tire Pressure Gauge.

The inspection went fine with me starting with the undercarriage, working my way around the exterior, then under the hood, and then the interior, took me about 4 hours, including replacing the spark plugs and cleaning up under the hood. The Inspection being done by me was great as it allowed me to become more familiar with the Bimmer, and see just how great engineering can look deceptively simple . I don't take it for granted anymore.
The Official checklist of what is, and was, performed can be found at:

14 April 2011

Saftey First..

Adding on to my previous "European Standard" additions to the Bimmer (The Centre Console), I've added in the TUV-mandated BMW OE Warning Triangle and BMW OE First-Aid Box. The box can be stuffed with a First-Aid Kit, which it is, although not the German one, or anything else.

Saying good-bye to the orange front bumper reflectors for now and have replaced them with clear reflectors. In the right lighting, they almost seem to blend in completely to the Titanium Silver paint.

08 April 2011

More Space

Keeping up with adding more storage space to the Bimmer, I added a BMW OE Parcel Net to the passanger side of the centre console. looks fantastic and works just as it should.