13 July 2010

The Canvas

This is my recently purchased stock 2003 BMW 330Ci equipped with the Sport Package, Black Leather, Wood-Trimmed Interior, Adaptive Bi-Xenon Lighting, 17" Wheels, and a 5-speed Manual Transmission.

The specifications are as follows:

Engine - 3.0L Inline 6 Cylinder
Horsepower - 225 @ 5900 RPM
Torque - 214 @ 3500 RPM

The plans for this machine are simple - Have fun! No stressing about 1/4 mile times, no horsepower number competitions, no desire for 4 15' subwoofers and 3 TV monitors. No, the key here is, as BMW puts it, "Joy" I just want this car to give me joy when I press the pedal, to give me joy when I need room for groceries, to give me joy when I take it to the track. I plan to add convenience options, power, comfort, handling and storage space to this car.

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