17 January 2011

CD Woes and Touch-Ups

Chose to spend the day with the Bimmer. Here's what went down:
* Full wash, wax, windex, rain-x, vaccuum, leather conditioning, dusting, and air freshening.
* I scraped off all the previous owner's registration year stickers, sanded it down, and applied my 2011 sticker.
* Fixed my license plate holder and frame so that is does not rattle when closing the luggage compartment.
* Finally got round to putting the chrome caps on the TMS license plate frame.
* Replaced 2 blown brake lights.
* Cleaned my TMS pedals.
* Topped off the oil with a quart of BMW 5W-30.
* Removed the previous owner's ///M steering wheel emblem and put back in the original BMW emblem.
* Topped off the air in the tyres.
* I attempted, and failed miserably, to fix my CD player. It's had a CD stuck in there for the last week and a half. I got the CD out, unfortunatley I also have some pretty important looking left-over parts.... needless to say, the CD mode is non-operational. Just going to have to rough it with AUX for a while.

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