22 September 2011

A busy day....

Took the day to do a few things to the car. I had been saving some mods and maintenance for today, So here's what went down. First up was an oil change. It's been 7,500 miles since my last change and although I'm sure I could go longer, I couldn't really stomach the thought. New Mahle oil filter and 6.75 qts. of BMW branded 5w-30 Full synthetic. I also took the time to replace my drain plug with a magnetic one. Thought it may be a good idea since I plan to do my own oil changes from now on. Big ups to getbmwparts.com for the excellent price on the oil and filter, $69.00 shipped! Whilst under the hood I also installed a couple M3 strut tower caps, doesn't do much, but I like the look. I also replaced the plastic coolant bleed screw with a brass one. I'll eventually get round to replacing most of the coolant system, hopefully by the end of the year. And While I was under the car I replaced two missing jack pads. Since I used ramps to change the oil, I didn't really need them, but it was nice to replace a couple missing parts. And lastly, but certainly not the least, I installed an M3 style lip spoiler, had it pre-painted at the factory. It was a straight-forward installation, but took about 30-45 mins to make sure I had it lined up correctly. I'll take some photos showing off the spoiler a bit later, after it's all washed and cleaned.

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