17 April 2011

Inspection I..... Done By Me!

Hit 90k miles this weekend and in anticipation I purchased the necessary items to perform my scheduled maintenance known as Inspection I. A pre-inspection told me that the coolant and washer fluid were low, but my brake fluid was fine. I purchased a Microfilter, and 6 Spark Plugs(not due until 100k, but why not) in addition to coolant and washer fluid. Also purchased a new Tire Pressure Gauge.

The inspection went fine with me starting with the undercarriage, working my way around the exterior, then under the hood, and then the interior, took me about 4 hours, including replacing the spark plugs and cleaning up under the hood. The Inspection being done by me was great as it allowed me to become more familiar with the Bimmer, and see just how great engineering can look deceptively simple . I don't take it for granted anymore.
The Official checklist of what is, and was, performed can be found at:

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