21 April 2011


Filled up the tank this morning after running the Bimmer down to almost fumes. I wanted to see how many miles I could get on one tank of fuel. I managed 432.3 with a 50/50 mix of Highway and City. That basically equates to 26 MPG. Not bad Considering the car is rated at "City MPG: 19 / Highway MPG: 27 / Combined MPG: 22" That's and extra 4 MPG.

I squeezed them out by following some simple, proven "tricks"

* Use A/C very sparingly.
* Keep the windows up at 40+ MPH.
* Use cruise control on the highway, ~70 MPH.
* Coast downhill or whenever possible instead of braking.
* Don't drive less than 10 miles per trip in the car.
* Pray for no red lights.

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